Non-rest rest day. 2x5K sub UT2

I usually try to take 1 rest day per week, but I also want to keep going with Mud Season madness.  So far I’ve missed 3 days, and you can need to get 25 days of rowing in March in to meet the challenge.

Nonetheless, I wanted to go very easy today, so I just did a 5K lactate test, and then a sub-UT2 5K cool down.

Lactate test was much more in line with what I expected today.  186W, 137HR and 1.7mmol/l lactate.  So, 186W is a fine training power for static erg.  I think it’s a good thing that my static and slide training power is converging.


Workout Summary – Mar 15, 2015
–_|_05000_|_20:33.0_|_02:03.3_|_186.7_|_19.1_|_128.6_|_ 60.0% _|_12.8_|_09.8
Workout Details

01_|_01250_|_05:06.5_|_02:02.6_|_190.0_|_19.4_|_112.7_|_ 48.7% _|_12.6_|_09.8
02_|_01250_|_05:07.5_|_02:03.0_|_188.1_|_19.5_|_130.6_|_ 61.4% _|_12.5_|_09.6
03_|_01250_|_05:08.9_|_02:03.6_|_185.6_|_19.0_|_134.7_|_ 64.3% _|_12.8_|_09.7
04_|_01250_|_05:10.1_|_02:04.0_|_183.4_|_18.4_|_136.9_|_ 65.9% _|_13.2_|_10.0

To make the second piece a bit more entertaining, I started at a 2:03 pace and slowed down by 3 seconds for each 1000m split.  It was a good way to keep working on posture.


Workout Summary – Mar 15, 2015
–_|_05000_|_21:22.5_|_02:08.2_|_165.9_|_18.5_|_129.6_|_ 60.7% _|_12.7_|_09.0
Workout Details

01_|_01000_|_04:04.8_|_02:02.4_|_190.9_|_20.1_|_126.7_|_ 58.6% _|_12.2_|_09.5
02_|_01000_|_04:10.7_|_02:05.4_|_177.6_|_19.6_|_133.9_|_ 63.8% _|_12.2_|_09.1
03_|_01000_|_04:16.1_|_02:08.1_|_166.7_|_18.7_|_132.2_|_ 62.5% _|_12.5_|_08.9
04_|_01000_|_04:23.3_|_02:11.7_|_153.4_|_16.9_|_129.7_|_ 60.8% _|_13.5_|_09.1
05_|_01000_|_04:27.6_|_02:13.8_|_146.2_|_17.3_|_125.4_|_ 57.7% _|_13.0_|_08.5

Tomorrow:  Scheduled for a 4×20′ steady state session.  I have to figure out when I can squeeze in a workout.  I’ve got all kinds of logistical challenges between car repairs and a flight off to Phoenix in the evening.  One way or another, I’ll get at least 10K in.

4 thoughts on “Non-rest rest day. 2x5K sub UT2

    • gregsmith01748 says:

      Hi Frank,
      I have a lactate meter. It works like a blood glucose meter. You prick a finger tip and take a small blood sample.
      I’ll post something that describes the equipment and process in more detail.


  1. wjschmidt2 says:


    The journey starts again today.

    Sundays are my only solid day to read and post comments, so forgive me if I am silent during the week.

    Congrats on the 10k the other day. And the CTC. The basic endurance and speed are there.

    Warmer days will arrive just not soon enough.



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