Static Erg Stroke Analysis

Today was the first time I have erged without slides since trying to implement the changes to my stroke.  It wasn’t a stellar session, but I thought it would be instructive to see how things compare between static and slides.

I did a rate ladder with 1 minute at r18, 1 minute at r20 and 1 minute at r22.

My feet were not strapped in and the erg is equipped with a core-perform seat which I had set to wobble to force myself to maintain upper body balance.

Looking at the film, I can see that I am struggling with the new stroke.  I am trying to maintain a good upright posture, but tend to slump at the finish.  I am also not completing the body swing before I break my knees.  The stroke looks better at r22, but the sequencing is still wrong.

I may have to resort to some pause at body over drills to try to get the new positioning right.

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