Feb 14 CTC

Got back home at 11PM last night. The whole place is just buried in snow. I’ve never seen snow like this.

A serious ice dam situation had developed while I was in europe and we were getting water into the house. A couple of place in the kitchen ceiling have big water stains and my wife spent a lot of time putting down towels and buckets while I was jetting around europe. So today, the first job was to go get some rock salt. The next job was to clear the snow off our north facing roof. So, I trudged with the extension ladder through the 4 feet of snow on the ground the back of the house and put my snow rake to use. I cleared all the snow up to about 5 feet from the peak of the roof, and then put rock salt on the huge ice dams. Hopefully that will soften them enough so I can remove most of them tomorrow. Then it was on to the foot paths around the house. They only had about 14 inches or so to clear, but it was still a lot of hard work. All in all it took about 2 hours and I was pretty tired after it all.

So, I waited a few hours before going to do an abbreviated erg session. I just wanted to do the Feb 14 CTC. I never knew Carol, but she has certainly made impression on this community, and I wanted to make sure that Free Spirits floated as many boats as we could.

So, a 20 minute warmup. Instead of the usual fletcher, I just did 20 minutes at 195 steady state, so that I could do a lactate test after missing a week of erg sessions. Result: 1.8mmol/l If I were going to train next week, I would shoot for that on slides. But, instead, if the weather allows the escape, I’ll be in Aruba where running and swimming will be the preferred cross training. I’ll do another lactate test next weekend when I return.

Warmup / lactate test
–_|_04939_|_20:00.0_|_02:01.5_|_195.3_|_19.0_|_134.4_|_ 64.1% _|_13.0_|_10.3

Workout Details
01_|_03706_|_15:00.0_|_02:01.4_|_195.4_|_18.9_|_132.5_|_ 62.8% _|_13.0_|_10.3
02_|_01234_|_05:00.0_|_02:01.6_|_194.8_|_19.0_|_139.9_|_ 68.0% _|_13.0_|_10.3

Then in to the CTC. Simple. Row 1402m. With no speed sessions this week, I wasn;t really sure what pace to row. I figured around 1:42. But of course, with high hopes and adrenaline, I went off faster. I knew by 200m, that the 1:40 pace I was holding was no going to work. I wasn’t sure if I had done too much damage with it. I slowed down to around a 1:44, with a 1:45 popping up now and again. By the time there was 500m left, I had recovered my wind and my pride and started to pull down the splits. My rate is still way too low though. I really need to work on that.

Workout Summary – Feb 14, 2015
–_|_01402_|_04:46.5_|_01:42.2_|_328.3_|_28.3_|_160.0_|_ 82.3% _|_10.4_|_11.6
Workout Details

01_|_00200_|_00:40.1_|_01:40.1_|_348.6_|_28.5_|_132.2_|_ 62.6% _|_10.5_|_12.2
02_|_00200_|_00:40.9_|_01:42.3_|_326.7_|_27.9_|_157.9_|_ 80.8% _|_10.5_|_11.7
03_|_00200_|_00:41.3_|_01:43.3_|_317.2_|_27.6_|_161.9_|_ 83.6% _|_10.5_|_11.5
04_|_00200_|_00:41.9_|_01:44.7_|_304.7_|_27.2_|_163.9_|_ 85.1% _|_10.5_|_11.2
05_|_00200_|_00:41.6_|_01:44.1_|_310.5_|_28.8_|_166.6_|_ 86.9% _|_10.0_|_10.8
06_|_00200_|_00:40.8_|_01:42.0_|_330.0_|_27.9_|_168.3_|_ 88.2% _|_10.5_|_11.8
07_|_00202_|_00:39.8_|_01:38.6_|_365.3_|_30.1_|_169.2_|_ 88.8% _|_10.1_|_12.1

I’m pretty disappointed. Maybe with a proper warmup I could have done better. I really would have like to have been around 1:40. Oh well.

Then I did a 5K “cool down”. I had intended to start at 2:00 pace and slow down gradually. But I found myself pulling 1:50. I made it nearly 500m before I slowed way down. But for the next 500, I pulled it back to 1:52. Then 1:54 and so on until I was pulling 2:08 for the last 500. The beginning was a little cathartic. The ending was nice and gentle.

Workout Summary – Feb 14, 2015
–_|_05000_|_19:47.9_|_01:58.8_|_208.8_|_21.7_|_159.1_|_ 81.6% _|_11.7_|_09.6
Workout Details

01_|_00500_|_01:56.0_|_01:56.0_|_224.2_|_23.3_|_139.4_|_ 67.7% _|_11.1_|_09.6
02_|_00500_|_01:51.8_|_01:51.8_|_250.4_|_23.6_|_156.6_|_ 79.9% _|_11.4_|_10.6
03_|_00500_|_01:53.3_|_01:53.3_|_240.5_|_23.8_|_164.8_|_ 85.7% _|_11.1_|_10.1
04_|_00500_|_01:55.0_|_01:55.0_|_229.9_|_22.9_|_166.0_|_ 86.6% _|_11.4_|_10.0
05_|_00500_|_01:57.1_|_01:57.1_|_218.2_|_23.1_|_165.8_|_ 86.4% _|_11.1_|_09.5
06_|_00500_|_01:58.7_|_01:58.7_|_209.2_|_22.2_|_164.6_|_ 85.5% _|_11.4_|_09.4
07_|_00500_|_02:00.5_|_02:00.5_|_199.9_|_21.4_|_163.0_|_ 84.4% _|_11.6_|_09.3
08_|_00500_|_02:02.7_|_02:02.7_|_189.5_|_19.6_|_160.1_|_ 82.3% _|_12.5_|_09.7
09_|_00500_|_02:05.3_|_02:05.3_|_178.0_|_19.2_|_157.2_|_ 80.2% _|_12.5_|_09.3
10_|_00500_|_02:07.5_|_02:07.5_|_169.0_|_18.4_|_152.6_|_ 77.0% _|_12.8_|_09.2

Tomorrow: 4×20’/1′ with lactate test after 20′ I will work at 195 for the first 20 minutes.

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