Track bite fix for Fluidesign 1x

On my single, I have developed a good set of track bites. The seat tracks are as far to the bow as I can get them and my calves land on top of the ends of the slides. There is just enough of an edge between the slide and the cap that I get a pretty good sore from it.

Picture of tracks before fix

The coiled up cable is the speedcoach HR sensor cable. The sensor was directly beneath the deck that the track was on.

I fashioned 2 covers for the ends of the slides from a leather chafing guard kit. I cut the leather to length. It was pre-punched to enable the edge to be sewn. It is secured using the same bolt and wingnut that secures the track to the deck. It took 30 minutes total to craft and install.

With the fix installed
Close up

The seat will roll all the way to the front stops on top of the leather. I rowed with it this way from July through the end of the season in November with no further track bite troubles. The leather would get wet, but remained soft and pliable. I highly recommend this to other fluid owners.

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