Still in Korea…Wed: 3 x (5×500@24), Thurs: 3 x 20′

Wednesday:  Was massively tired on Tuesday night and fell asleep by 10.  I woke up for good around 4am.  I got up around 5:30 and did some work and called home.  Finally, around 6:30, I headed down to the gym.

The plan:

  • 3 x (5 x 500 @ 24/1′)/5′
  • Cat IV: r24/1:52

Started with a 500 at cat VI, started plugging away at the reps.  I felt a bit tired.  Jetlag presumably.

          Workout Summary - media/20180130-2245350o.csv
Workout Details

Comparing to previous attempts.


It was pretty close in the first set, but higher in the second two sets.  I really pushed the last rep, so that one shouldn’t really count. A bit disappointed that I’m not improving more.

Thursday:  Back to the gym around 7:30.  Today was just a 4 x20′ / 3′ at Cat VI (r18/2:05)

I felt good to start, but quickly started to feel like it was hard work.  My hr climbed quickly.  I decided to bail out after 3 reps.  And having a little issue with graphs today.

2018-02-01 09.01.17


Tomorrow:  8 x (4:30@CatVI, 0:30@CatII)/30″rest.  I like this workout.




Mon: Rest, Tues: 10x(500@22,500@18), Wed 3x(5×500@24/1′)/5’5′

Monday:  Scheduled rest day.  I think this might be the first scheduled rest day on my scheduled rest day after a full week of training in the last 6 months.  It feels good to be in a routine, while it lasts.  I start travelling again next week.

Tuesday:  Full set of PT exercises.

The workout plan calls for 10 x 500m at r22 with 2 minute rests.   I have been making a bit more work by replacing the 2 minute rests with a Cat VI 500m (r18, 2:05).

The workout isn’t hard, but I tried to work continuously on recovery sequence.  Tense the glutes, hold the quads, fast hands away, wait until body is over before starting up the slide.

Comparing this to the past couple of weeks shows about the same HR response.  A bit higher at the start and lower at the end.


Wednesday:   3 x (5 x 500 @ 24 / 1′ ) / 5′

target: 1:52

Another fun workout.  Again, I did the 5′ rests between sets as one minute paddle, 500m of pause drill, which ended up around 2:40, and then another minute of paddle.  This makes the pm setup easier.

I started with a 2K warmup, with bumps working up to the r24.  Again I was trying to find the rhythm of the stroke while concentrating on recovery sequence.

2018-01-17 08.53.05

The main set.

          Workout Summary - media/20180117-1355320o.csv
Workout Details

Compare today to the two past weeks.  HR response was better today, peak HRs were lower and recovery in the rests was faster.


Tomorrow:  4 x 20’/3′  if I have time.  I have a 8am meeting which might cut things short.


Sat: Hour of Power

I flew back from Taiwan, departing at about midnight, flying about 13 hours to LAX, arriving at 7pm on Friday night.  I was through customs and in the lounge by about 7:45.  I waited for my next flight, which was a 10:45 departure to Boston.  I must admit that this flight felt really long, even though it was only about 6 hours.  I watched a movie, did a couple cross word puzzles and napped a little, but I arrived in Boston feeling pretty tired and achy.

I was home by 8:00am and in bed by about 8:01.  I slept until 11:30 and I felt like I had been hit by a truck when I woke up.  After some breakfast and a littel time, I started to feel normal again.  We are having a snowstorm today in Massachusetts, so there wasn’t much to do.  I just did a little christmas shopping on line and wasted time until around 5pm.  That’s when I decided to do a bit of erging.

The plan was an hour of power.  The rules are simple.  Limit the rate to r22 and see how many meters you can get over an hour.  So, that’s what I did. My previous attempt at this was on the dynamic, so it it really didn’t count. Based on my recent workouts, I figure I was good for a 1:58 pace, so I set out with the goal to keep 1:57 or 1:58 on the screen.

All was going well until about 18 minutes into the workout when my phone abruptly rebooted.  This took away my music and my painsled session.  But there was no way that I was going to stop this row.  I was feeling good.  My HR was bit high, but I expected that since I had spent so much time on planes over the past 36 hours.  I was not in trouble at any phase in the row and I aside from boredom due to a lack of music, the row was great fun.

To make it even better, I used a feature on the Sander is in development on to turn my PM splits into a workout that I can upload to strava.  I started with a PM screen shot.

2017-12-09 17.55.48.jpg

I took the splits and I filled out a handy template in excel.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 9.04.10 PM

Then I uploaded the file, just like a normal workout file to rowsandall and exported it to strava.  And viola, the workout was there.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 9.06.54 PM.png

This is pretty cool for me because I am using Strava as the repository for all the training that I do whether it is rowing, biking, running, walking or whatever.  Generally, I will just capture heart rate data if I cross trainand I can upload that easily.  But with rowing, because the ability to link up random rowers is limited, and the reliability of the connection, even with rowers that I use all the time is uncertain, it is great to have a way to get an approximation of the heart rate data into to strava to calculate my long term training trends.

So, I was happy about that, and I was happy about the workout.  I managed a 1:57 pace for 60 minutes.  I think this portends good things for the redo of my 75′ test later this week.

Tomorrow:  A hard one… 6 x (5′ @ 28, 5′ @ 18)   wish me luck.


Monday / Tuesday: Rowing on the road

I’m writing this from the United Lounge in SFO while I wait to board my flight to Taipei.  It departs at 12:05 and I’m looking forward to spending as much time on the flight as possible asleep.


I left for California first thing Monday morning.  Before I left, I scouted potential Crossfit boxes to drop into while I was in the San Jose area.  I struck out on the first three that I contacted.  I guess that Crossfit is popular enough in the Bay Area that they don’t have the capacity to support drop ins.  The fourth place I tried, NorCal Crossfit in Santa Clara seemed happy to have me drop in and row.  Their policy was the first day was free and the second day was $30, which seemed pretty fair.

NorCal Crossfit is big!  With high ceilings and lots of floor space.  They could support a class of 20 people in the central area and additional smaller classes in other areas at the same time.  Everyone was really nice and they had an area with about 20 model D rowers all set up and nicely maintained.

I fly in the morning, then had meetings all afternoon, finishing up around 5:30pm.  Then I headed to NorCal Crossfit.  I was dehydrated, tired and hungry, but I was looking forward to a workout.

The plan was:

  • 4 x 12′ / 1’30”
  • Cat V: Pace – 2:01, rate: 22

I started off trying to use ergdata with a usb cable to the PM3.  That worked for about 8 minutes.  Then I started to get “Are you finished rowing” messages flashing up on the phone, and I would ignore.  They would go away in a few strokes and everything was fine.  However, in a minute or two, the ergdata screen stopped updating, but the PM3 kept happily counting down.  This is starting to piss me off.

The excitement of rowing in a new gym with all the activity around me caused me to row with a bit too much vigor in this first interval.  Instead of the target 2:01, I ended up with a 1:58.6 avg pace.  Bad Greg!

2017-12-04 19.11.31

So, determined to get my data, I changed machines.  The second machine I sat on, wouldn’t link up at all, and the third hung up about 3 and a half minutes into the second interval.

2017-12-04 19.10.56

By this point I had done enough experimentation on the USB connection, I decided to default to the good old days.  I connected my HR sensor to the wahoo app, which always works and did 3 more 12′ intervals that way.

2017-12-04 19.10.44

My heart rate was through the roof, even though I slowed down considerably.  At least I was able to get it to plateau around 160.



It was a pretty short workout so I am not overly worried about it being a black hole session.


Back at NorCal Crossfit.  Today, I had no desire to screw around with ergdata and usb cables.  I just went with the tried and true manual method.

The Plan:

  • 5 x 2000m / 2′ rest
    • 1500m: r22, 2:01
    • 500m: r24, 1:55

I’ve done this workout a few times before and I’ve enjoyed it every time.  Today, I set it up as a variable interval session on the PM4 of the rower I picked so I could see an accurate avg pace for each segment.  This was an elaborate 11 segment workout that I managed to get exactly right the first time I tried.  It sure made me wish that there was a way to define workouts in an app and download them to the PM.  Maybe someday.

Anyway, the workout went great.  HR was a bit high, but was generally reasonable for the lack of sleep and large amount of caffeine that I had consumed during the day.  I tried to behave during all the reps until the last 500, when I got a bit crossfit happy.  I maintained the 24 spm rate, but pushed the pace below 1:50.  It was a very satisfying way to finish.



That’s a bit hard to deal with, so here it is in spreadsheet form.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 1.13.27 AM

So, now I am flying to Taipei.  I will arrive around 6am local time.  I’m planning to go to the hotel, check in, take a quick nap and then head to the office for some meetings.  Then to a customer event in the afternoon and evening.  I lose Wednesday to time zones and Thursday is a rest day.


Sunday: Hour of not much power

God I hate this damn machine.  Still at home on the dynamic.


  • 60 minutes
  • Rate: 22
  • Pace: ~2:00 or better

Should have been a piece of cake.

Started with a 5 minute warmup.

  • 1 minute of pause at arms away and body over
  • 1 minute at target pace
  • 1 minute of pause at arms away
  • 1 minute at target pace
  • 1 minute of pause at arms away

Then in to the main event.  60 minutes.  I set up a nice playlist on Pandora and got going.  After about 5 minutes, my music stopped playing.  I tried to fix it while rowing, but with no success.  After a couple minutes of trying to hold the pace while fiddling, I ripped off the headphones and flung them across the room and kept going.  It was the longest 50 minutes of my life.

As I suspected, holding a 2:00 split on the dynamic was too much for me and I had to slow down.  I crossed the 30 minute mark right at 7500 meters, but by then i was seeing a lot more 2:01s and 2:02s.  My HR was going pretty good, but plateaued in the low 170s for the second half of the row.  When the music stopped, it also blew away my painsled session, so the only evidence of my pain is the PM picture.

Tomorrow:  Scheduled rest day, but since I have business travel later in the week, I will do Tuesday’s session.

  • 4 x 12′ / 1″30″
  • rate: 22
  • pace: 2:01 to 2:05
  • HR limit: 157

Tuesday: 5 x 2000 (1500 @ 22, 500 @ 24) / 2′

The Plan:

  • 5 x 2000 / 2′
  • 1500m @ r22, pace 2:01-2:05
  • 500m @ r24, pace 1:55 exactly
  • Additional notes:
    • Try to hit rates exactly.
    • Try to hit 2:01 exactly.
    • Concentrate on back position at catch and finish
  • HR limit:  Stay below 155 in the 1500

I did this workout last Friday and I enjoyed it.  It was not too hard, but a little spicy.  Trying to stick at 2:01 at r22 is a challenge.  I tend to naturally pull about a 1:59 at r22, so I have to concentrate on lightening my stroke and keeping my hands moving.  These are both good things.

I started with a 2k warmup and finished with a 2k cool down so I could do the whole thing as a single interval workout.  I think it makes for a particularly satisfying summary plot.


          Workout Summary - media/20171121-1345370o.csv
Workout Details

I felt like the workout had gone a lot easier than when I had done it last Friday.  A comparison of the two workouts helped me figure out if that was true.

First, I was much better at keeping rate this time, especially for the r22 sections.  I mean look at the fourth one!


In terms of target power, I did a better job hitting my targets this time, especially at r24, but that did help make the workout easier.  You can see me consciously bleeding off power toward the end of the 1500m segments to try to hit 2:01 exactly.  I let myself have some fun in the last interval today, just like last time.


Now for Heart rate.  This shows that it was an easier workout.  I started at a higher HR because I warmed up today, but my HR did not drift up during the workout.



So, that’s a happy thing.


  • 3 x 20′ / 3′
  • Cat VI
  • Pace 2:06-2:11
  • rate: 18-20
  • HR limit: 145,150,150

I’ll be doing this one on the dynamic, so I’ll probably work at about a 2:09 pace.