Friday: 4 x 2k / 5′ rest

I took yesterday as a rest day.  We had some last minute Christmas prep to do, and a big Christmas Eve feast to prepare.  The was beer to be drunk, and chocolate cream pies to be eaten.  I had a lovely day.

Je ne regrette rien

Today is Christmas, and after opening our presents and carting my daughter off to the airport for her to meet up with her beau to go skiing in Utah, I came home.  And you know what, I was eager to get on the erg.  That’s the good thing about a rest day.

Today’s session is another Pete Plan / Wolverine Plan classic.  The 4 x 2K.  Based on my waterfall at 1:48, I might have chosen a target pace of 1:47.  But based on the level of indulgence yesterday, I decided to play it safer and row to a 1:49 target.  I think it was a good idea.

It was a nice, hard row.  And I pushed it to the edge in the last interval.  I was happy to get the rate up.

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 8.15.30 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-25 at 8.15.05 PM

Workout Summary – Dec 25, 2015
–_|_15000_|_59:57.9_|_01:59.9_|_202.9_|_22.7_|_152.3_|_ 76.8% _|_11.0_|_08.9

Workout Details
01_|_02000_|_08:00.0_|_02:00.0_|_202.6_|_20.0_|_130.6_|_ 61.4% _|_12.5_|_10.1
02_|_02000_|_07:16.2_|_01:49.0_|_269.9_|_25.3_|_154.6_|_ 78.4% _|_10.9_|_10.7
03_|_01000_|_04:52.2_|_02:26.1_|_112.3_|_19.1_|_128.7_|_ 60.1% _|_10.8_|_05.9
04_|_02000_|_07:15.7_|_01:48.9_|_270.8_|_25.7_|_160.2_|_ 82.4% _|_10.7_|_10.5
05_|_01000_|_04:53.1_|_02:26.5_|_111.2_|_19.0_|_135.6_|_ 64.9% _|_10.8_|_05.8
06_|_02000_|_07:14.4_|_01:48.6_|_273.3_|_26.2_|_164.4_|_ 85.4% _|_10.5_|_10.4
07_|_01000_|_04:54.4_|_02:27.2_|_109.7_|_19.4_|_140.4_|_ 68.4% _|_10.5_|_05.7
08_|_02000_|_07:01.9_|_01:45.5_|_298.3_|_28.2_|_173.8_|_ 92.0% _|_10.1_|_10.6
09_|_02000_|_08:30.0_|_02:07.5_|_168.8_|_19.3_|_151.6_|_ 76.3% _|_12.2_|_08.8

Other Meters_|_07000_|_31:09.7_|_2:13.5__|_117.4_|_19.4_|_138.4_|_11.6

So, in the end, a 1:48 average for the intervals.

Tomorrow:  4 x 20′ / 1′ rest



Friday: 2K Test


  1. On slides
  2. 20 minute warmup with power 20s at race pace
  3. 2K test
    1. Time target: 6:48
    2. Pacing: Flat pacing at 1:42
    3. Rate: 32 to 34
  4. 20 minute cool down

2k Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 8.27.10 AM

6:50.4…Not terrible, but not as good as I could have done.  I had a little breakdown around 800 meters.  I was fully prepared for “the wave”.  When I do more speed work, I get used to the crisis moment that hits around then.  Kind of a combination pain, chills, nausea, drowning feeling that passes over the course of about 10 strokes.  Anyway, it hit me hard today and I paused before I really knew what was going on.  I started going again almost immediately and finished without any more drama.  Kind of a lame and it definitely cost me about 3 or 4 seconds off the time.

But as a marker for the start of the indoor season, it isn’t so bad.  I ranked it for fun and it’s 18 out 778 in my age group (97th %-ile).  I think with a month or so of base work, and then a couple months of sharpening, taking 3 seconds off my splits is entirely feasible.  I’d like to build a plan to be within striking distance of my 2K PB by the crash-bs.

Tomorrow:  3×20’/1′ steady state at 190W.

Tuesday: 5x2K / 500m rest – Boom

Weather:  cool (60F), sunny, light wind from the west, maybe 2-4 mph.


  1.  5 x 2000 / 500m rest (roughly 5 minutes)
  2. rate target: 28 spm
  3. pace target: 2:12

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.17.59 AM Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.17.29 AM


10000_|_43:12_|_2:09.6_|_1162___|_26.9_|_08.6_|_166___|_Main set
02000_|_14:12_|_3:33.0_|_253___|_17.8_|_07.9_|_128___|_rest meters
03260_|_18:05_|_2:46.4_|_369___|_20.4_|_08.8_|_141___|_cool down

Holy shit!  That went well.  Comparing the stats from last time on the 5x2k

  • Avg Pace: 2:09.6 (2:12.9)
  • Stroke rate: 26.9 (25.9)
  • Avg HR: 166 (169)

I certainly faded a bit in the last two reps.  In the last rep especially, I just couldn’t get the boat moving in the middle of the rep.  I was having paranoid fantasies about weeds on the fin and mythical head winds in the whole middle 1000m.  Once I got to about 500m left to go, I started pushing harder and counting down the strokes.  That helped pull the avg pace down a bit.

Tomorrow:  The plan calls for 4 x 3000 / 1′ rest r20 (HR limit at 80% HRR).  That would be a HR cap at 157.  I think I will row to a 75% HRR cap instead (150).  Should be interesting trying to keep the rating up, the strokes long, and the pressure light.

Tuesday: 5 x 2000 / 5′ rest – That stung

Weather:  Hot as hell.  Upper 70s and humid.  Light, flukey headwind heading up river, maybe 2 to 4 mph.


  1. 5 x 2000m / 5′ rest
  2. rate: r26
  3. pace: better than 2:15

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.52.34 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.52.59 AM

01000_|_2000_|_08:33_|_2:08.2_|_218___|_25.5_|_09.2_|_162___|_Interval #1
03500_|_2000_|_08:47_|_2:11.6_|_235___|_26.8_|_08.5_|_169___|_Interval #2
06000_|_2000_|_08:47_|_2:11.8_|_231___|_26.3_|_08.7_|_172___|_Interval #3
08500_|_2000_|_09:03_|_2:15.7_|_239___|_26.4_|_08.4_|_172___|_Interval #4
11000_|_2000_|_09:08_|_2:17.1_|_226___|_24.7_|_08.8_|_171___|_Interval #5

10000_|_44:18_|_2:12.9_|_1149___|_25.9_|_08.7_|_169___|_Main set
02000_|_14:32_|_3:38.0_|_268___|_18.4_|_07.5_|_129___|_rest meters
03320_|_19:50_|_2:59.3_|_377___|_19.0_|_08.8_|_141___|_cool down

Between the slight tail wind and fresh legs, the first 500m of the first rep felt so easy that I thought the speedcoach was broken!*  I was pulling under a 2:10 split without any trouble.  I just kept pushing along and sure enough around 1000m mark, it really started to bite.  That’s when I went into the s-turn.  I cut the corners of the turn which puts me into the up river lane coming out the turn.  Unfortunately, this morning this lane happened by occupied by another sculler. To add to the problem going through the turn down river you are basically rowing right to the east, so there was a ton of solar glare looking over my shoulder and I missed him until I was only about a boat length away.  I was about half an oar length off of his path, and we ended up just touching oars.

It was totally my fault and I have to be more careful through that turn when I’m rowing into the sun.  I apologize profusely by email afterwards and he seems to hold no real ill will, but he would have every right to.

After that setback, I spun back up to speed and hammered through the rest of the rep.  I finished with an average pace of about 2:08, which is damn fast for me.

After I finished, I noticed I was tired and regretted my exuberance.

The other reps passed painfully and uneventfully.  In each of them, I would try to row to a level of effort, not a specific pace, so the ones with a headwind were a little slower.  At the end of the fourth interval, I lied to myself and told me that I could stop after the 4th interval and just go home.  Then after the rest, I betrayed myself and made me do the last rep as planned.  I reminded myself that the HOCR was coming and it would be better to fail today than to fail then.

So, to give myself a little break, I decided to target r24 for the last rep and let the pace settle between 2:15 and 2:20.  That was plenty hard enough.

I finished the 5th rep at the far end of the river, about 3K from the dock.  So I rowed 1K with feet out trying to use RIM to see how clean I could get get my finishes.  Then I put back on the shoes and did 500m on the square, then 500m with slow roll ups.  Then I basically just limped the rest of the way home.  Between the intense session and the heat, I was totally spent.  I basically crawled out of the boat at the dock.

Tomorrow:  4 x 3000m / 2′ rest, r20, HR limit at 80% HRR (157)

  • I didn’t believe it until I got onto the computer and compared the pace from the speedcoach with the pace from the GPS and they lined up pretty much perfectly.

Saturday: 3x2K rate ladders (24,26,28,30)

The weather was beautiful.  65F, light 0-5 mph wind from the east (basically a cross wind).  Partly cloudy.

I was out on Lake Quinsigamond with the Worcester Boat Club folks.  We had 10 people today, so we had a women’s quad, men’s quad and 2 singles.  I was in one of the singles.


  1. 4x2K
  2. rate increasing through piece.  500m at 24, 500m at 26, 500m at 28, 500m at 30.
  3. 5 minutes paddle between pieces
  4. work on rowing lighter at high rates.  Get tired before rowing at r30 and just try to ride it out at that rate.

My HR monitor didn’t work today, so I was working off of just how I felt during the row, and I felt like it was pretty hard work.  I was not happy with the pace that I was rowing or the setup in the single.  I felt like I couldn’t get as much reach as I really wanted.  I guess I was a bit too far into the bow with my foot position.  I am also a bit higher off the water in this boat.  The oars hit my chest about 2 inches above the bottom of my sternum.  Definitely higher than in my boat.  But it was good to row with other people and probably a good thing to row in a different boat for a change.

No HR data, but since I was using CrewNerd, here’s all the check and bounce data along with pace and rate.

2015-06-27 12.57.50

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 12.48.01 PM


6000_____|_26:41_|_2:13.4_|_728_____|_27.3_|_08.2_|_main set
0260_____|_03:02_|_5:50.1_|_031_____|_10.2_|_08.4_|_Cool down
1900_____|_12:49_|_3:22.4_|_233_____|_18.2_|_08.2_|_rest meters

I was pretty worn out after the first 2 intervals, so I decided to only do 3x2K today.  I felt like I was getting some good strokes in at r28 and r30.  I am feeling less rushed at these rates and able to get more reach and hit the catch a bit more gently.

I am troubled by some niggling pains right now.  My right elbow is still bothering me, but has not gotten worse.  I am wearing a brace when I am not rowing and it seems to have kept the problem from getting any worse.  I am also suffering mightily from butt pain right now.  I’m not sure why it’s happening because I was pain free until a few weeks ago when I went on a outing in a double and was practically paralyzed when we got back to the dock.  Ever since then, I am really uncomfortable in the seat by the time I’ve done about 8K.

But, hopefully these will heal over time.

Tomorrow:  Rest Day.  If the rain holds off, I think I will go for a gentle bike ride.