115 Days

I never thought it would last this long. But it has. Another week in the books. Most of it spent down on the cape. The weather has been mixed.

Sunday – June 28 – 100′ Coastal Row

The last bit from Wellfleet harbor to home was into a headwind and a bit of a chore

Monday – June 29 – 6 Darts Games

I woke up and it was foggy. No coastal today. Down to the dungeon for some Darts Games. No high scores, but good consistency.


Tuesday – 30 June – No Training

Stayed up too late, and felt like crap when I woke up. I went back to bed. And I just looked and I had worked out 15 straight days prior.

Wednesday – 1 July – 9 x (4′ @ r18, 1′ @ r30)

I like these bumps sessions. Get a bit of intensity in without killing myself or chasing splits. This session was made a bit interesting by the slides breaking in the middle of the session. In the slide, the rollers run on a plastic spline that goes over the metal frame. This spline split on what I guess would be the starboard bow side.

I had to pull the erg off the slides during one of the r18 sections.

Replacement parts are being ordered.

Other than the slide problem, the workout went well. I was happy to average 305W for the quick bits. It was very weird going from slides to static in the middle of this workout. It took a couple of minutes before it felt like the erg stopped moving.

        Workout Summary - media/d4adf504c9-20200701-144818o.csv
Workout Details

Thursday – July 2 – 60 minute BikeErg

We drive back to Hopkinton on Wednesday afternoon. We needed to pick up mail, and take care of a few things around the house. Our plan was to head back to the cape on Thursday morning.

I wasn’t ambitious enough to head out to the lake, so I settled for a 60 minute BikeErg session, while watching the end of Ford v. Ferrari.

I guess the movie was a bit to exciting, I pushed my HR too high for the intended session.

        Workout Summary - media/df_20200702-142440.csv
Workout Details

Friday – July 3 – 4 x 20′ / 2′ Steady State

Not a great session. Started with the intention of alternating r18/r20, but my HR started to go too high, so I settled at r18. Then it kept creeping up, so I upped the rate a bit. It was my first steady state session on a static erg in a looong time, so maybe that was it. It was also insanely humid.

        Workout Summary - media/bbfcc899e2-20200703-211114o.csv
Workout Details

Saturday – July 4 – 100′ Coastal Row

Fun row today! It was grey, and there was about a 5-10mph wind blowing from the NNE. The wind peaked while I was rowing into it (as it always does). I launched at about 11:30 and I turned north at 12:20

I launched at close to high tide and I hugged the coast of the island around to south. I had never really explored the tidal marsh on the south side of the island. Today, I rowed nearly as far as could and then back out along the south edge of the bay. Then I rowed down along the beach into Eastham. As I went, the chop was building and I was getting a bit of surfing them with the wind behind me.

I turned around at 50 minutes on the clock. I was heading just west of North and the wind was NNE. It felt much stronger now that I was heading into it. There were also a fair number of motor boats out. The seas were big and lumpy. The bigger ones were probably a bit bigger than 12 inches.

I am learning how to manage this a bit better. Stay patient. Lighten up on the pressure in each stroke. Rate up, and work on keeping the oars clear on recovery. You have to accept the fact that bigger waves will grab your blades, and unpredictable movements will mean that you take some bad strokes. The first 15 minutes of it were the toughest. After that, it seemed to get easier.

I turned at my favorite red buoy and headed for home. This was a new challenge with the seas on the beam. Finding the right rate was important.

The final turn, I was out of the chop and I rated up. It was really interesting, I could feel the depth of the water. When the water got shallow, I could feel the boat get heavy and watch the split slow down. Then when it got deep again, I could feel the boat get lighter and speed right up.

     Workout Summary - media/8bba9f9965-20200704-183555o.csv
Workout Details

Tomorrow: More Coastal. Maybe the 4km out and back challenge.

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