Randall Foil Test Plan

Randall Foil Test Plan

Hypothesis:  Randall Foils provide a measurable improvement in boat speed for an experienced Master sculler.

– My boat
– two pairs of oars
   –  existing smoothie2 soft shaft skinny oars
   –  new pair of matching oars, prepitched to deliver 0 degrees with 4 degree oarlocks
• Speedcoach GPS, with Empower oarlock and HRM
• Quiske pod

1.  Row at least 10 sessions with Foils oars to acclimate and adjust style
2.  Row 6 sessions alternating between foil and standard oars to acclimate to switching back and forth.

Test day #1 – sprint performance
• calm day
• lake quinsigamond, so I can do the lengths close to the dock
• 8 x 500m (all same direction), super long rests)
• What’s the best way to split the trials?
◦ 2/4/2
◦ 3/4/1
◦ 1/2/3/2

Test Day #2 – starts
• 4 x 5 starts (20 strokes each)
• 1/2/1

Test Day #3 – head race performance
• 4 x 2k
• 1/2/1

• segment elapsed time
• avg power
• end HR
• speed per watt
• blade flight path
• effective length
• peak power angle

* side video of all sessions, analyzed to overlay data

4 thoughts on “Randall Foil Test Plan

  1. sanderroosendaal says:

    I think if you will have to plan to be flexible on the day of execution, whether you go for 1/2/3/2 or 2/4/2. Imagine you see rain / wind coming in, you may want to change the plan accordingly.

    I would add a GoPro for video to the list of equipment.


  2. guest1x says:

    Overall, I did not enjoy my first experience with the foils. They sure feel solid at the catch, but they increase the wind resistance of the oars, and smacking a wavetop with the foils was a pretty violent feeling. Also, they were a pain when coasting, and maneuvering. More to come.

    I had the same experience. I used them for Odiana 16k 1x race last year in a rented Nelo. I do think they made me faster but it wasn’t enjoyable with the headwind and wave slaps. I also found floating around waiting for the start tricky as the foils were catching water. Did you change your oarlock pitch. They recommend 0 to 1 but I think that would be tricky on the recovery and attract some wave slaps. I think it should be a shim that only changes pitch for drive.


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