Tuesday: 2 x 30′ at r22 OTW

On the water in my single.  On the upper charles in Newton.  The temp was in the low 40s and there was a reasonably strong breeze blowing from the west.  This was a headwind heading up river.

The river was incredibly high after the big storm this weekend.  The current was noticeably strong, especially at narrow points in the river.

I adjusted inboard to 85cm.  I liked the extra room that it gave me at the finish, and increased my finish angle a few degrees.  It did feel a bit heavier.  I’m wondering if I will have issues rating up.  I think I will try to move the foot stretcher another cm to stern to give me a bit more angle at the catch.


  • 2 x 30’
  • Rest between: n/a only to rehydrate
  • Rating/Pace: Cat V pace; target SR 22.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 7.50.00 PM.png

The pace variations is almost entirely driven by the wind and current.  The fastest pace was in the little stretch right after the stone bridge for both downstream segments.

This was pretty hard work.


  • 3 x (1’ on / 3’ active rest + 1’ on / 3’ active rest + 2’ on / 5’ active rest)
  • Complete one set and then repeat the series.
  • The active rest is relaxed, low intensity, easy rowing.
  • Stop only briefly to rehydrate.
  • Rating /pace: Race effort, 1k pace (your best right now)  – I will target r28 to r30, basically like the fast parts of the speed play.

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