80′ L4

In an episode of a podcast called “browshowpodcast” (which is really quite good and available on soundcloud), they talk about the difference between beginning of the week watts and end of the week watts.  I feel like I experienced that today.

I did the exact same session as I did on last Wednesday in Shanghai and it felt a whole lot harder.  Today’s session was the third day in a row of training and yesterday’s L2 workout was pretty intense.  I also did the session on 18 hours of rest.

But anyway, I did the session and I’m glad.

The plan was the same.

  • 4 x 20′ / 1′ rest
  • rate / power
    • 16 / 155
    • 18 / 175
    • 20 / 195
    • 22 / 215
  • rate plan


The results…

Target power for the 20′ sections was 165W and 173W.  Stroke rates were right on.  But the HR was a lot higher.


Here are the HR pie charts for today’s and last week’s session.  The good news is that I spent longer in sub-UT2.  The bad news is that I spent longer in AT and TR.

Gotta say, I am enjoying getting back to basics on this training.

Tomorrow:  L3.  10K.  According to the plan, an L# should be done at about 85% to 90% of 2K velocity.  I am working off of paces for a 7:00 2K, so a 1:45 pace.  90% of that is a 1:56.6.  85% of that is a 2:03.5.  I think I will aim at a target pace of 1:57 and see how it goes.

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