2×20′ + 1×10′ with lactate

First 20′ were r20 at 184W and tested for lactate.  Result: 2.5…Too high.  I’m not sure how many times I have to do this to convince myself to back off the training power and get myself back below 2.0 mmol/l.

Second 20′, I was really bored, and a bit fatigued, so I did an L4.

First 10′: 22/20/22/20/22

Second 10′: 4’@18, 3’@20, 2’@22, 1’@24

Power was: 18-160W, 20-180W, 22-200W, 24-220W

After I finished that, had a 1′ break and did another 10′ L4


At that point I was was out of time (and feeling pretty tired).

The main thing that I am dealing with is trying to fundamentally changing my rowing form.  From the video that I posted, it became clear that my posture was terrible and I was working very hard to fix the problem, I think this drove my HR higher than if I was rowing more relaxed and by habit.



Tomorrow:  Hard 6K, around 1:50 pace

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