Video of rowing on slides

After my steady state session today, I took a little bit of video to see how I am doing in terms of “fixing” some things in my stroke.

Here’s the video:

Looking at the video, here’s what I see:

  • I am pulling in too high.  Essentially, this seems to be caused by me not pulling my upper arms back enough at the finish.  Could be a flexibility issue, or just a bad habit
  • My shins are a little past vertical at the catch, so I am over compressing at the catch.  I am not sure how great a sin that is.
  • At the beginning of the recovery, I break my knees, just a little bit, and then recover with my arms and body and then my legs come up.  I suspect that I should keep my knees locked down until I have my body in the catch position would be more efficient.
  • I have very little lean forward.  Part of this is the excess weight I am carrying, but I suspect that it may also be related to body dimensions, and the angle that my thighs at at when my shins are vertical.

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