Saturday: 75′ Test

Friday: I needed to get ready for an important meeting in the morning, so I skipped my workout.

After work we headed down to the Cape and settled in.  It was a blustery stormy night, but I slept like a baby


I worked a bit around the house and put the outside furniture in the basement for the winter.  In the mid-afternoon, I headed to the basement to do my 75′ test.

I’ve done this test twice before.  In October of last year, I pulled 207w (1:59.2).  In December, I pulled 214w (1:57.8).  I decided to try to use 1:58 as my target and see how it went.

It went great.  I was able to hold 1:58 comfortably at 22spm and I just counted out sets of 110 strokes to mark 5 minute periods.  I would push a little and then coast a little.  Things started to get a bit more serious in the last 30 minutes.  By 15 minutes to go, I felt like I had the session well in hand and I started to push a bit more seriously.  My heart rate started pushing up into the mid-170s and I eased the rate up to 24.  Then in the last 5 minutes I nudged it further to 26 spm and tried to count out the last 130 strokes.

Results, 220W (1:56.7).

That was fantastic!

          Workout Summary - media/20181020-1820320o.csv
Workout Details

Tomorrow:  1′ and 1000m tests.


Sunday: 75′ Aerobic Threshold Test

Second Royle Row Test.

Day 2: 75-Minute Row:

This test measures your aerobic threshold. Row for 75 minutes, at the end, record your average watts. Also note in your data the average 500-meter split, total distance rowed, and stroke rate for future reference. Suggested stroke rate between 18-24. Aim for a pace that you can maintain for the duration. This is equivalent to your best steady state pace. Do not stop during the test. You may want to set a water bottle close by if you need to drink during the 75 minutes.

I got up around 9 and was on the rower by 9:30.  I dutifully set the drag factor for 130.  My critical power curves predicted that I should be able to hold around 190W (2:02.5).  Pride, and the knowledge that my PB for a half marathon was at 1:53.6 pace caused me to target something a bit better.  I decided to start at a 1:58 pace and see how things went.

I held the 1:58 through the first 25 minutes.  By then, my HR was edging up close to 160 and I had another 50 minutes of rowing to go.  I decided to ease up to 1:59.  I held that basically to the halfway point.  At halfway, I eased further to a 2:00 target and just kept counting strokes.  I was hovering between 22 and 23 SPM, so I would count strokes in 5 minute chunks.  It was between 111 and 113 strokes in each one.

At 55 minutes, I was getting really ragged.   My stroke rate was bouncing around a bit more and I was having trouble staying focused.  I started seeing a lot of 2:01s and 2:02s on the screen, but I was getting close enough to the end to know that I wasn’t going to give up.  I just kept counting strokes.  Once I got to 10 minutes to go, I felt confident enough to start pushing back to my target, and with five minutes to go, I knew I was going to be able to finish with a bit of a kick.

40 minutes in TR and AN.  I was totally destroyed when I finished.  I am bummed out about how far I am from my best at these long distances, but I’m happy to have made with a sub-2:00 pace at least.

          Workout Summary - media/20171029-161526-sled_2017-10-29T09-40-16ZEDT.strokes.csv
Workout Details

Tomorrow:  Rest Day.  Then on Tuesday is the 1K test.